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POGE manufactures apparel, garments, work-wear, uniforms, industrial textile packaging, car & truck floor mats, seat covers, car covers, and many more.


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We offer a quality, world-class clothing manufacturing — CMT and full package — for local and international customers. From tech pack creation, sample production, to production runs of 10 pieces per style onwards. Each project is created with the designers and us working closely together. 

Apparel – We manufacture: menswear, womenswear, baby and childrenswear, and sportswear. We can create designs from a simple creative brief or a full technical pack depending on your requirements. Our on-site technologists will ensure that your products will achieve superior construction and quality.

Suits – We provide full package suits production for local and international clients from first samples to finished product and mass production suits manufacturing.

Workwear & Uniforms – Our capability offers innovation in product specifications and manufacturing techniques. Our team will provide you a unique combination of sourcing options, to satisfy every product requirement. We have extensive experience in sourcing the best products and prices for our clients, both locally and overseas.


Our capabilities have significantly expanded over the years and now include floor mats, seat protectors, front-end masks (bras), dash covers, floor mats, tailgate nets, tire covers, windshield sunscreens, canine travel items and other specialty protection and storage products.

Car & Truck Floor Mats – We manufacture car & truck floor mats for vehicles of different brands. We specialize in 3D car mats, carpet car mats, PVC car mats & rubber car mats for car's front row, rear row, and cargo area.

Car & Truck Seat Covers – The seat covers manufactured by our company are produced according to the digital patterns of the car series, and they can be distinguished by a various number of models, both for any category of seats.

Car Covers – If it has wheels either automobile or a two-wheeler, we can manufacture a car cover that can cover it. We can develop and commercialize custom car covers that follow the exact contours of a vehicle and protect all the vehicle's exposed surface.

Other Textile Car, Truck, ATW, Two-Wheeler, PWC & Watercraft Covers, and other Protection Products & Accessories – We manufacture pocket pods, spicy gear bed webs, spied gear luggage webs, snow shields, cargo webs, cargo area liners, windshield sunscreens, canine travel items (covers, led pat seat protectors), motorcycle covers, scooter covers, and other specialty, ATV covers, further protection and storage products.


Custom Packaging – We can develop and manufacture tailored protection for any component and your specific supply chain requirements. For an element to be safely transported for assembly, it needs to be protected. You can opt for one-way or re-usable packaging with recurrent transport journeys and re-usable packaging as most often the best choice.

We develop solutions for handling of scratch-sensitive components which consist of a soft interior — a set of textile pockets — mounted in a robust exterior handling unit.

Design Types for Specific Logistics Processes – We offer three types of design, based on different logistics processes:
- Internal Transport with ergonomics and easy handling at the forefront of the design process.
- External Transport which supports long-distance shipping.
- Just-In-Time/Just-In-Sequence, whereby the packaging is used very frequently by two different companies.


A highly skilled workforce with years of experience gives POGE the competitive edge when it comes to manufacturing sewn and upholstered products.

Markets & Industries - We provide automotive, aircraft, boat and marine industries upholstery manufacturing services. Products include seating, upholstery, seatbacks, cushions, positioning pads and replacement covers.

Capabilities - We process wood-filled polypropylene, polymer foam, vinyl, urethane, closed cell polyethylene, polyurethane and neoprene foams, laminated textiles, polymer films, fabric, canvas/muslin, leather, nonwovens & rigid-formable substrates, and others.



Marker making – Fabric is the most fundamental material for apparel making, and it accounts for around 50% of the ex-factory cost. Thus, material optimization or maximizing fabric utilization is the essential factor for every apparel firm. While making markers, fabric width, length, fabric type and following cutting method, all are taken into account. Both single size and multiple size paper markers are made using automated marker making tools and Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing (CADCAM) along with traditional manual methods.

Apparel Cutting – Pattern specifications are kept into consideration while cutting which ensures that the constructed garment is precisely similar to the sample produced. Apart from using automatic spreading equipment and computerized cutting systems we still use traditional cutting tools such as a straight knife, band knife, shears, etc., required for some specialty jobs. We will execute any cutting job accordingly to your specifications with material optimization to ensure best possible fabric utilization.


Pattern Making – We provide the most modern and technical services for apparel and garment construction. We can create new computerized patterns or make modifications to existing hard paper patterns or digitize the available data. These patterns can be made from your samples or specifications provided by you.

Pattern Grading – We can help in pattern grading by creating sized patterns. We will use your specifications and assist in establishing specifications for your products. The grade rules are developed keeping in view the market segment for which the product is intended such as men, women, youth, child, toddler, etc.


Acid Washing – The jeans earns their distinctive look when we first strip the denim of its resin finish then apply chlorine to remove the indigo that gives classic denim its traditional blue hue. The result denim light in color with white splotches where the chlorine acted more aggressively.

Bleaching – Our enzyme-based peroxide bleaching process allows low-temperature bleaching of textiles at a neutral pH range. By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and achieving its potential at low treatment temperatures, we can deliver textile fabrics with enhanced quality.

Dyeing – We offer dyeing of completed garments. The types of apparel that can be dyed are both tailored and non-tailored and forms, such as sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, hosiery, and pantyhose. The effect on sizing, thread, zippers, trims, and snaps is considered during the dyeing process.
Enzyme Washing – Let us apply enzyme washing to finish the fabric, especially in the case of jeans and other garments with a worn-in look. As enzyme washing is a critical process of garment washing, we offer three crucial methods of enzyme washing such as medium shade, light shade and enzyme washing of twill, canvas, and poplin.

Stain Resistant Washing – Stain resistance refers to a textiles’ ability to withstand discoloration caused by contact with liquids, We can finish your garments to prevent liquid absorption, and fine particles adherence to both fiber and fabric surfaces either by utilizing the inherent fiber properties or by applying stain resists to fabric surfaces. Depending on the type of stain resistance treatment used, contact and penetration of the fabric or fiber can be inhibited entirely, ensuring the prevention of contact staining.


Folding & Bagging – Let us fold and bag your apparel for you for an excellent professional touch. We also apply a size sticker onto each bag, so you know what size is inside.

Storage – We can store up your entire production and make it ready for shipment to any disclosed location at your convenience.
Logistics – Do not worry about shipping of your products, either small or large. We will arrange for most appropriate and cost-effective options to suit your expectations and deadlines.


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